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Århus Malmö Exchange Programme 2006 udstilling på Rooseum i Malmø
17 Feb, 2006 -
05 Mar, 2006
Sixten Therkildsen, Jacob Nielsen, Lasse Krog Møller, Tanja Nellemann Poulsen og Grete Aagaard, Lise Skou, aarhus.nu, SHARE YOUR COUNTRY, Anne Dyhr, Anja Raithel, Hanne Lindstrøm, Hanne Nielsen og Birgit Johnsen.
Udstilling og koncert

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ÅMX exhibition in Rooseum February 17th – March 5th 2006, Opening Friday Feb. 17th 7.30pm.-11pm. Concert with jab mica och el at 9.30pm. Rooseum, Center for Contemporary Art. Gasverksgatan 22, Malmö, www.rooseum.se

jab mica och el and Morten Larsen
concert at microcinema in Rooseum, February 17th 2006.
jab mica och el play instrumental version of Danish primary-school music, with f-horn, marimba, clarinet, flutes, guitar, computers..... something like lullabies with punk influenza.
jab mica och el is visually accompanied by the video artist Morten Larsen.

The story came off,
by Sixten Therkildsen, 2005
Two screen video installation.13 and 19 min.
The story came off is a video project produced in 2005 and uses as its starting-point a collection of old, 8mm film containing private, domestic recordings from 1960's USA. Sixten Therkildsen bought the collection of 8mm film on the internet auction site ebay and has build up a group of narratives around historical facts relating to street riots and civil rights activism in 1960's USA. This, at times very violent, information is tied to the old 8mm footage via extracts from an idealistic 1960's manifesto, plus some anecdotal passages which the artist have composed. It is clear that the function of the narratives is to complement and set into sharp perspective the nostalgic tendencies of the audience. In this way, the project draws attention to the difference between the public and the private sphere, and the distance between idealistic and domestic activity. During the process Sixten Therkildsen had the luck of finding a woman from the family that had originally recorded this footage of birthdays, weddings, Christmas evenings and general homeliness. Her comments on the narratives, together with the stories themselves, comprise the soundtrack, which two actors have made as a speak.

by Tanja Nellemann Poulsen & Grete Aagaard, 2006
Presentation of an ongoing magazine project.

Territorial Statements,
by Hanne Nielsen & Birgit Johnsen, 2002
video projection, 41:53 min. Documentary, The Danish Film Institute.
Four women tell an obvious everyday story about personal integrity and setting personal boundaries. Territorial Statements aims at exploring the potential of interviewing. It differentiates itself from the common interview situation by the women being alone in front of the camera, telling the same story a number of times with several days interval.
By letting the women tell their stories several times to the camera, they are given time and space to reflect on how to relate to their own story and how to act in front of the camera; being a victim, performer, stranger etc.
The narrative creates a vivid suspense between the construction of the film and the reality of the four women.

Grinding Onions
by Hanne Nielsen & Birgit Johnsen, 1995
Video on monitor, 6:27 min.
The video shows a trivial scene from daily life – the grinding of onions. With matter-of- factness the camera records the grinding and the resulting physical reactions. The video deals with the collective experience in crying and because of the perceptible stage-setting.

by artist and writer Jan Falk Borup,
Aarhus based contemporary art website.

Dear Swedish Friend
by artist and writer Anne Dyhr, 2006,
Questionarie on poster.

Off Beat
by Jacob Nielsen
Video on monitor, duration: app. 3:30 min.

by Jacob Nielsen, 2005
Video projection, duration: app. 1:22 min.

On My Practise
by independent curator Anja Raithel.
Written statement.

Spatial Resignation
Installation by Lise Skou, 2006
Focus is the way in which public space is constructed to produce specific behavioural patterns and the underlying ideologies it represents.
The project points toward the social democracy as a promise and as a reality, by investiating the dynamics between ideologies and actual processes in modern life – e.g. migration and representation; the dissonance between an ideological macro-plan and the body; how public space influences our identity, our behaviour, and how we as individuals, as well as our surroundings are shaped by ideological and social structures.

On my practise in the field of public art
by independent curator Hanne Lindstrøm
Written statement.

The Collection department for founded slips of paper, messages, letters and other documents.
By Lasse Krog Møller.
This department is composed of a large variety of notes: There are everyday-life lists of what to do, small messages from one person to antoher, messages to a major public, there is letters to official institutions, and letters to friends, and, of coures, also love letters. The objects find their logical implementation in the collection by being inserted into a catalogue numbering system, and in the presentation each object is provided with date and place where it was found. In an exhibition context this collection of found material is presented in a museological form. In montres, vitrines and frames the different find is framed in this museological display.

From Århus V. to Århus C.
Video documentation of street happening in Århus during Minority Report 2004, 12 min.
The project consisted of two parts: A car parade from the western Aarhus to the townhall in the center of Aarhus and a concert at the townhall square addressed to local politicians. The participants were, an Aarhus West based rapgroup called Aarhus West Players and young car owners - also from Aarhus West.
While all participants drove together towards the townhall square a radioshow produced for the event was broadcasted and all car radios were tuned in on the station. This made it possible for people on the streets to catch fragments of on the show while the parade passed by. People on the townhall square also could follow the broadcast, too.
When the parade arrived at its destination, all the cars parked side by side and left open their windows and doors as AaWP began the concert. AaWP performed songs written for the event, directly addressing the local politicians at the townhall. The concert was transmitted live through the car stereos, which was the only amplifiers for the show.
All local politicians were invited for the event and to a chat with the young people from Aarhus West.

Børge´s Garage / Four Men and a Car,
by Hanne Nielsen & Birgit Johnsen, 2000
Documentary 21:58 min. The Danish Film Institute. (in the veiwing station)
Børge´s Garage / Four Men and a Car is an experimental documentary of a social situation. It takes its starting point with four men coming together every Thursday, where they built an old Dodge from 1934. While the car is being built the auto shop is being emptied.
The stories are told through the details and the persons are characterized through their activities and how they interact with each other socially. There is a focus on the teamwork and community, which is expressed both through an intense amount of activity but also through an almost complete standstill where cooperation needs time.
The shootings follow the making of the car, which lasted for more than a year, and the camera and the artists become part of the social situation. The men often address themselves directly to the camera and this together with the use of elements from different genres underline the confrontation between what is authentic and what has been adapted.

At Second Hand documentation
by Sixten Therkildsen, 2005
video documentation of a project, 10 min. (in the veiwing station)
This video is a nice and easy documentation of the project At Second Hand, which was made for Danish Red Cross as a part of the artexhibition Ophørsudsalg in 2005. The project consisted of a collection of old clothes, which the customers in the shop could buy and at the same time they had the possibility to watch two tv-screens, showing old photos from lots of people´s family albums. This way it was made obvious how and by whom all the various clothes in the collection had been used by their previous owners.

Project Scource Station
by ÅMX, Christian Schult, Jee-Eun Kim and Ditte Lyngkær Pedersen.
A platform of research material, texts for the reading group, the viewing station and additional material from the artists such as booklets and catalogues.

Pressemeddelelse om ÅMX.06 Should I Stay Or Should I Go? On Secondary Cities:

Århus-Malmö Exchange Programme 2006 er initieret og udviklet af Ditte Lyngkær Pedersen, Jee-Eun Kim og Christian Schult og realiseres i samarbejde med C-SAM, rum46, ARoS og aarhus.nu i Århus samt Rooseum og Critical Studies i Malmö.

ÅMX opsøger og beskriver netværk, som arbejder med kulturproduktion i Århus og Malmö. Projektet har desuden det mål at skabe nye muligheder for samarbejde mellem kunstnere og kunstinstitutioner i de to byer.

Adskillige kunstnere, skribenter, kuratorer og institutioner er inviteret til at reflektere over og diskutere temaet Sekundære byer. Med udgangspunkt i tanker om hvordan et sted og dets indbyggere organiserer og identificerer sig selv, kommenterer udvekslingen det flygtige i sådanne identitetskonstruktioner og ser på, hvordan man som indbygger i en specifik by tager imod eller lægger afstand til indflydelse fra det øvrige globale samfund.

Udvekslingsprojektets første etape Should I Stay or Should I Go? On Secondary Cities består af en udstilling med retrospektive højdepunkter i de to byers værkproduktioner - video, installationer og tryksager - samt en åben læsegruppe som i foråret finder sted en gang om måneden på rum46 i Århus og hver anden uge på Signal i Malmö. Læsegruppen beskæftiger sig med tekster der handler om offentlighed, byliv, urbane strukturer og udvekslingsmodeller.
Udvekslingsprojektets anden etape lægger op til en temaudstilling senere i 2006 med værker der beskæftiger sig særligt med emnerne.

Fredag den 17/2 byder Rooseum i Malmö velkommen til åbningen af en gruppeudstilling med Sixten Therkildsen, Jacob Nielsen, Hanne Nielsen & Birgit Johnsen, Lise Skou, SHARE YOUR COUNTRY, Lasse Krog Møller, Tanja Nellemann Poulsen & Grete Aagaard, aarhus.nu, Hanne Lindstrøm, Anja Raithel og Anne Dyhr.
Udstillingen finder sted i Critical Studies Test Site, Rooseums nedre regioner og koncerten afholdes i mikrobiografen. jab mica och el spiller electronica med inspiration fra 70'er børnemusik, hvor sample-kaos blander sig med Poul Kjøller-guitar, blokfløjte og lyde, der formodes hugget fra et legetøjs-keyboard. jab mica och el ledsages af et videoshow af kunstneren Morten Larsen.

Torsdag den 23/2 byder udstillingsstedet rum46 i Århus velkommen til åbningen af ÅMX.06 med en interaktiv performanceaften. Performanceaftenen stiller spørgsmål om feminisme og sproglig formidling med performancerne Every time I open my mouth water comes out. It makes it difficult for me to speak af Mathias Kristersson, Woman in Transition af Lise Skou og Art, feminism and my mother Mona en video af Johanna Gustafsson. Begge performanceværker inddrager publikum ved at stille direkte spørgsmål.

Lørdag den 25/2 har ÅMX glæden at invitere til et eftermiddagsarrangement i auditoriet på niveau 3 i ARoS. Arrangementet er en visning af 6 videoværker af Ewa Einhorn, Ylva Westerlund, mats Adelman, Karlotta Blöndal, Tova Mozard og Mathias Kristersson. Videoerne vises på storskærm og introduceres af Jee-Eun Kim. Arrangementet foregår på engelsk, og er gratis ved medbringelse af denne invitation. Indgang sker mellem 14.45 og 15.00.

Lørdag d. 25/2 byder rum46 velkommen til åbningen af en gruppeudstilling med Runo Lagomarsino, Johanna Gustafsson, Mathias Kristersson, Ylva Westerlund, Tova Mozard, Beata Fransson, Karlotta Blöndal, Mats Adelman og Ewa Einhorn.

For mere info kontakt venligst Ditte Lyngkær Pedersen Tlf.: +45-30297240, Denne email adresse bliver beskyttet mod spambots. Du skal have JavaScript aktiveret for at vise den.
ÅMX er støttet af Århus Kommunes Kulturudviklingspulje igennem C-SAM.

Program for ÅMX i Århus og Malmö:

Februar 2006.

ÅMX Udstilling Should I Stay Or Should I Go? On Secondary Cities på Rooseum, 17/2 – 5/3

Fredag den 17. kl. 19.30 – 23.00 Fernisering af udstilling på Rooseum
med Sixten Therkildsen, Jacob Nielsen, Lasse Krog Møller, Tanja Nellemann Poulsen og Grete Aagaard, Lise Skou, aarhus.nu, SHARE YOUR COUNTRY, Anne Dyhr, Anja Raithel, Hanne Lindstrøm, Hanne Nielsen og Birgit Johnsen.

Fredag den 17. Kl. 21.30 – 22.30 koncert med jab mica och el på Rooseum

Søndag den 19. kl. 14.00, introduktionsmøde om ÅMX læsegruppe på Signal.

Rooseum, Gasverksgatan 22, Malmö, åben: Ons. Kl. 14.- 20, tors.- søn. Kl. 12.-18. www.rooseum.se,
Signal, S Skolgatan 31, Malmö www.signal/galleri.org

ÅMX Udstilling Should I Stay Or Should I Go? On Secondary Cities på rum46 23/2 –5/3

Torsdag den 23. Kl. 19.00 – 22.00, Performanceaften på rum46.
Med Mathias Kristersson performance, Lise Skou performance og Johanna Gustafsson, videoperformance

Lørdag den 25. Kl. 15.00 – 16.45, Videovisning i Auditoriet på AROS.
videoprogram med introduktioner af Jee-Eun Kim. Værker af Ewa Einhorn, Ylva Westerlund, Mats Adelman, Karlotta Blöndal, Tova Mozard, Mathias Kristersson.

Lørdag den 25. kl. 18.00 – 21.00, Fernisering af udstilling på rum46.
Med værker af Runo Lagomarsino, Beata Fransson, Ewa Einhorn, Ylva Westerlund, Mats Adelman, Tova Mozard og Karlotta Blöndal.

Søndag den 26. kl. 14.00 – 16.00, Introduktionsmøde om ÅMX læsegruppe
og en åben diskussion om sagen med muhammed tegningerne, både lokalt og globalt. Indledende oplæg af Trine Rytter Andersen, med udgangspunkt i Minority Report.

rum46, studsgade 46, 8000 Århus C, www.rum46.dk. 86208625, åben: tors-søn kl. 13 – 17.
AROS, Århus Kunstmuseum, Aros Allé 2, 8000 Århus C. www.aros.dk

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