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21 Apr, 2015 -
Achim Lengerer
Workshop and talk

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rum46 er glade for at præsentere kunstner & forlægger Achim Lengerer (Berlin) i vores sidste omgang af foredrags- og workshoprækken MAKING SOCIAL REALITIES WITH BOOKS

I sit arbejde beskæftiger kunstneren Achim Lengerer sig med sprog og dets anvendelse i den social-politiske sfære, som han manifesterer i sine performances, installationer og publikationsserien / ”travelling showroom” Scriptings. I workshoppen The Trotsky Rehearsal: Cold Reading Aarhus vil Lengerer i samspil med de deltagende præsentere, diskutere og performe forskellige former for historiske dokumenter om den kontroversielle modtagelse af stykket Trotsky in Exile (1971) skrevet af den svensk/tyske Peter Weiss.

Herudover præsenterer Lengerer i talken ”Layout for rum46” blandt andet Scriptings, hvor han i parallel til sin publikationsserie vil diskutere hvordan performance, tekst, koreografi og publikationer opfattes i sociale sfærer.


The Trotsky Rehearsal: Cold Reading Aarhus

“The Trotsky Rehearsal” is based on Lengerer's ongoing Ph.D. research about the "rehearsal" as an artistic method as well as socio-political format at Goldsmiths University, London. In an open workshop at rum46 the artist will present, discuss and perform together with the participants various forms of historical documents about the controversial reception of the play Trotsky in Exile by Swedish/German writer Peter Weiss (1916-1982). Being rarely performed and almost forgotten today, Trotsky in Exile, already before and during rehearsals for the world premiere in January 1970, led to political disputes in both parts of Germany. In the GDR, Weiss was declared persona non grata, in the West ridiculed by the press as the author of “bourgeois Marxism”. The Düsseldorf dress rehearsal of the play had to be aborted after a group of leftist students stormed in.

During the “Cold Reading Aarhus” at rum46 the fragile potential of the unresolved, the unfinished, the in-the-making, which identifies the rehearsal as a socio-political format, is laid open in order to question Weiss' differentiation between active political engagement versus the staging of topics to activate contemplation on politics. The workshop will emphasize the collective process of performing and rewriting the play based on the various inputs of the participants. Issues such as private and political identity, histories of migration and the current situation of the participants will inform the work.

Performative Lecture-
Layout for rum46:

A live event, which will investigate the ways in which collective social spaces are negotiated in-between medias such as writing, performance, choreography and printed matter. The work of the publishing house Scriptings will serve an example.


Artist Achim Lengerer works with questions concerning language and its use in the political sphere. He addresses these questions in performances, radio-plays, installations and with his publication series Scriptings. In the last years Lengerer founded different collaborative projects such as Freitagsküche (with Michael Riedel) in Frankfurt/Berlin and Voiceoverhead, with Israeli artist colleague Dani Gal. Since 2009 Lengerer runs the Berlin based showroom and instant publishing house ‘Scriptings‘, which functions as a discursive platform parallel and additional to Lengerer's solo-projects. Artists, writers, graphic-designers, performers as well as publishers are invited – all of which are working with the formats of "script" and "text" within their processes of production.


MAKING SOCIAL REALITIES WITH BOOKS: A series of lectures and workshops, that explore the idea of how books - libraries, archives, publishing and distribution - are used to create distinct social realities in small communities or entire movements within art practices and related activities. Organized by Det Jyske Kunstakademi, Brett Bloom and rum46

Tirsdag d. 21. April 2015
The Trotsky Rehearsal: Cold Reading Aarhus
kl. 13:00 - 16:00
Performative Lecture: Layout for rum46
kl. 19:00


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