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19 Nov, 2015 -
introduced by Chika Soya (JP)
deltagervenlige workshop

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introduced by Chika Soya (JP) 
Thursday, 19 november 2015
19:00 – 22:00

For this years very last practical thursday we'll be doing Japanese ORIGAMI with a touch of Christmas.
ORIGAMI is the art of Japanese traditional paper folding. In Japan people start learning and practicing ORIGAMI from beginning kindergarten. Thus ORIGAMI is not only for art and making something by square paper, but it’s also extremely helpful for stimulating your brain as simultaneously using ones hands to fold a piece of paper.

Basically ORIGAMI doesn’t need to be cut  or glued (some models need to). For this session we only need colored or patterned square paper, patience and a well prepared set of hands. Due the season we will create something related to Christmas. e.g. Christmas stars, 3D ribbon and decorative polyhedrons. We can also make basic ORIGAMI models, such as an owl, crane or other animals. 

We will prepare and bring some colored ORIGAMI, but if you have your own preferable patterned paper please bring this as well. Moreover, if you would like to make some particular ORIGAMI models, we'll figure that out too! 

This session will be held in English

The workshop is free and open for everyone.


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