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06 Jun, 2017 -
Brandon LaBelle (Artist talk og Udstilling), Bavid Bollier (Tekstudgivelse)

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Where to live? Looking for safe ground # 1/3 

rum46 byder velkommen til ROOM FOR IMPROVED FUTURES: Where to Live? Looking for safe ground til # 1/3. Vi åbner denne del af vores nye udstillingsprogram
tirsdag d. 6. juni 2017 kl. 18.00 med:

Artist talk og fernisering af udstillingen 
The Runaway (communities in movement)
af kunstner Brandon LaBelle (D/NO)

Commoning as a Transformative Social Paradigm 
af forfatter og aktivist Bavid Bollier (US)

Alle er velkomne

Udstillingen kan efterfølgende ses i rum46s åbningstid onsdag, torsdag, fredag kl. 13.00 - 18.00 indtil
 d. 23. juni 2017


rum46 invites all interested parties to an artist talk and project presentation by Bergen/Berlin-based artist Brandon LaBelle who talks about his work The
Runaway (communities in movement).

Brandon Labelle is an artist, writer and theorist working with sound culture, voice, and questions of agency. He is currently part of a collaborative project ”The Imaginary Republic”, focused on a goal to foreground the imagination as a central driving force not only for the construction of a different world, but also for exploring modes of solidarity, togetherness, and autonomy.

Consisting of a series of video documents from the movement labs, along with a set of text elements, the exhibition is a meditation on what Stavros Stavrides terms “communities in movement”: the emergence of new political subjectivity that constructs, from the ephemera and potentiality of crisis, life in common. As such, it reflects upon the creative movements of a body as the basis for reconfiguring relations as well as for crafting a discourse on the run.

On the same day we will also present the essay Commoning as a Transformative Social Paradigm by the American author and activist David Bollier. This essay provides a brisk overview of the commons, commoning, and their great potential in helping build a new society. It explains the theory of change that animates many commoners, especially as they attempt to tame capitalist markets, become stewards of natural systems, and mutualize the benefits of shared resources. 


Room for Improved Futures
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