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ROOM FOR IMPROVED FUTURES How to make Life Livable? #1
25 Jan, 2018 -
Sergiy Petlyuk - kunstner from Lviv, Ukraine
Agnieszka Wolodzko - kunstner og kurator, Gdansk PL
exhibition and talk

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ROOM FOR IMPROVED FUTURES How to make life livable? # 1

Torsdag d. 25. januar 2018 kl. 16.30
byder rum46 velkommen og inviterer til artist talks og projektpræsentationer af den ukrainske mediekunster Sergey Petlyuk og den polske kunstner og kurator Agnieszka Wolodzko.

Vi udgiver desuden teksten Everyday Nationalism - åbner udstillingen af The HYMN og Exchange Shop & Cafe tilbyder Feral Trade Coffee til alle.

Demokrati, nationalisme, grænser og identitet er nøgleord i de forskellige præsentationer og udgivelser vi har på programmet.

Artist talk og efterfølgende udstilling
The HYMN af Sergiy Petlyuk - kunstner from Lviv, Ukraine

Sergiy Petlyuk arbejder med sociale og politisk kritiske diskurser. Han undersøger bl.a. massemediers indvirkning på menneskelige værdier og indflydelse af sociale og politiske manipulationer af identitetsdannelse.

Artist Talk / projektpræsentation
INSIDE-OUTSIDE af Agnieszka Wolodzko - kunstner og kurator, Gdansk PL

Agnieszka Wolodzko udarbejder internationale projekter, som fokuserer på interkulturel dialog og brug af det offentlige rum. 

Tekst udgivelse
EVERYDAY NATIONALISM af Yevheniia Oliinyk - journalist og kulturkritiker, Ukraine

Yevheniia Oliinyk er co-editor of KORYDOR, an online magazine about contemporary culture. Her professional interests are trauma and inclusion, human rights, historical memory and visual culture.

Alle er velkomne

Videoinstallationen The HYMN kan ses i rum46 i  åbningstiden
onsdag, torsdag, fredag kl. 13.00 - 17.00 indtil d. 25. februar 2018.

I denne periode vil også kunne erhverve sig de forskellige Groundwork publikationer  eller slå sig ned i lænestolen i vores læsehjørne og fordybe sig i tekstmaterialet.

english version

In the first meeting of Room for Improved Futures in 2018 - Public Program 2  „How to make life livable”, we invited artists and theorists coming from Lviv and Kyiv in Ukraine and Gdansk in Poland to discuss issues concerning democracy, freedom of expression, new political identities, ways of working and living together as well as co-decision. This will happen through talks, presentations of art works and art practices.

Our afternoon meeting will include artists' presentations:

by Sergiy Petlyuk [UA]

The artist will give an artist talk about his practice and present his video installation „The Hymn”, which he has been working on during his residency in Aarhus. It includes more than 180 national hymns of states from all over the world. The texts are combined into one long text. In this way a new piece is being created – where completely antagonistic contents can meet and form a compositional unity. The new “united” text can be understood only in English – a language that can embody globalist tendencies, “blur” borders and homogenize differences.

Sergiy Petlyuk is a visual and media artist from Lviv [UA]. Sergiy Petlyuk works with social and political critical discourses, explores the effects of social stereotypes, the impact of mass media on human values and the influence of social and political manipulations on the formation of identity.
He has participated in numerous exhibitions in Ukraine, Poland, USA and Great Britain. In 2009 and 2011 Sergiy Petlyuk became a winner of the Gaude Polonia scholarship.

by Agnieszka Wolodzko [PL]

Agnieszka Wolodzko will follow with a presentation of her project realized during an artist's residency at Sigrid's Stue in Gellerup, Aarhus Denmark in 2016. She was visiting some of the migrants' homes asking people to allow her to take photos of their carpets. The designs in the carpets were used as a starting point for an urban design based on the cultural æsthetics of some of the people living in Gellerup.

Agnieszka Wolodzko from Gdansk in Poland is an  artist, curator and researcher.  She realizes international projects in the area of intercultural dialogue and issues of public space. She works with many medias: actions, curatorial projects, photography, installations, sound works, and workshops for various social groups. She currently co-curates the  project Room for Improved Futures in rum46 in Aarhus, and is a member of the international Think Tank Transbaltic.

Moreover we will present the text  ”EVERYDAY NATIONALISM" which is about how the far-right
movement may define the future of Europe – and how it’s different and same in the West and the East
by Yevheniia Oliinyk  - published by rum46 in the GROUND WORK booklet series.

In the last few years the nationalist movement has escalated  in Western and Eastern Europe. The West is stunned by the refugee crisis, while the East deals with its own complicated history though denial of everything it used to believe in. European values are now a myth with no solid meaning. Brexit and the election of the president Trump made a lot of us question political decisions made decades ago. Yet does the far-right movement propose any solutions? While in the West it responses to the global world challenges, in Ukraine it reflects on how society struggles with its inner conflicts and trauma multiplied by war.

Yevheniia Oliinyk is a journalist, cultural critic and illustrator. She lives and works in Kyiv [UA]. Yevheniia Oliinyk studied journalism in Kyiv Institute of Journalism, later gained a Masters degree in Cultural studies in Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. Her Master’s Thesis covered the propagandist, political and cultural aspects of visual representation of the war in the East of Ukraine. She worked as cultural reporter for Kyiv Radio Liberty Bureau and since 2016 is a co-editor of KORYDOR, an online magazine about contemporary culture. Her professional interests are trauma and inclusion, human rights, historical memory, visual culture, and participatory practices in art.


About the projet:
Room for Improved Futures is the title of a two year exhibition program based on an international network. The project is initiated by rum46 - curated and organized by curator Agnieszka Wolodzko and visual artist Grete Aagaard in collaboration with the art projects and platforms Trade Test Site, Sigrids Stue, Imaginary Republik and CCS Centre for Contemporary Art Kiev*.  In Room for Improved Futures we invite a diverse group of practitioners, artists, writers and theorists who will address issues on democracy, urbanity, participation, community and hidden economies. The project is organized in 4 public programs each divided in 3 sessions which will include artists’ talks and presentations, exhibitions, lectures, texts and workshops.


Room for Improved Futures
Link til rum46's 2-årige samarbejdsprojekt 2018-2019