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How Shall I Begin My Story That Has No Beginning?
15 Nov, 2008 -
15 Nov, 2008
Jeuno Kim (Sweden/Korea) and Johanna Gustavsson (Sweden)
A Performative Lecture in 2 parts

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How Shall I Begin My Story That Has No Beginning? A Performative Lecture in 2 parts with artists Jeuno Kim and Johanna Gustavsson. Saturday November 15th 7pm - 9pm. Rum46, Studsgade 46, Århus, Denmark.

Performative lecture is a term often used to describe lectures given in the arts context. It is called performative lecture because the form of this speech act is a combination drawing from the history of performance art, and the traditional format of lecturing used by academics. While performance art's emphasis has been on the body and body as site for production of subversive meaning in art, in a lecture one focuses on the content of what is said, and focus on how the deliverer of the words perform the speech.

Johanna Gustavsson ( Sweden ) presents : Som en tjuv om natten Vilken roll spelar de intellektuella i vårt samhälle? Vilka är de, från vilken position talar de och med vilken röst? Om du någonsin skulle göra anspråk på att vara en av de intellektuella bör du delta på denna föreläsning. Om "de intellektuella" är lika greppbart för dig som rysk kaviar, då bör du definitivt delta! Varmt välkommen.

Jeuno Kim ( Sweden / Korea ) presents: Finders Keepers a lecture by distinguished professor of Anthropology from University of Barbaria.  The lecture presents empirical data gathered within the last three years on the specific gender relations of HamHan tribe whose descendents now live in the culturally diverse area around the Two-man River region, where Russia, China and Korea share their borders.  The lecture will feature a never-been seen primitive video work Janitor made by an anonymous HamHan female subject.

Jeuno Kim and Johanna Gustavsson will stay in Århus as part of a recidency project organized as a colaboration between SparwasserHQ ( Berlin ) - Signal ( Malmø ) - UKS ( Oslo ) and rum46 ( Århus ).

The residency programme is supported by Nordic Culture Point.

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