Bankleers talk
02 Apr, 2008 -
02 Apr, 2008
Bankleer (Berlin), Karin Kasböck and Christoph Leitner.

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rum46 har den glæde at være vært for kunstnergruppen bankleer, som består af Karin Kasböck og Christoph Leitner fra Berlin. I løbet af bankleers residency ophold i Århus i perioden 1. marts til 1. juni 2008, vil de holde foredrag og værkpræsentationer i rum46 og de vil sammen med diverse grupperinger i Århus arbejde på deres nye projekt.
Bankleer har siden 1998 arbejdet med humoristiske performances, docu-fiktionsvideo, installationsagtige scenarier, som ofte tematiserer sociale, mediemæssige og samfundsmæssige forhold. Deres arbejde udmærker sig ved en meget fin kombination mellem æstetisk iscenesættelse og en mere handlingspræget dialog med mange forskellige aktører. De integrerer ofte video i deres kunstaktioner og bruger forskellige offentlige rum som scene for deres kunstaktioner og udstillinger. I en årrække har de fokuseret på forskellige problematikker relateret til arbejde.
Residency opholdet arrangeret af rum46/WORKafFAIR i samarbejde med kunststyrelsens DIVA program www.kunst.dk
For at se mere om bankleers arbejde - se www.bankleer.org

rum46 will during the period march 1st - june 1st host the artist group bankleer (Berlin) during their DIVA residency in Denmark. Karin Kasböck og Christoph Leitner ( bankleer ) will give a talk on their practice and current projects, and they will work on new projects, together with people from Århus while they are in the city.
This residency is organized by rum46/WORKafFAIR and The Danish Art Council (Diva program).


D. 2/4 2008
Bankleer gave a talk on their practice and they showed videodocumentation of some of their previous projects. Below are a few images of that.
In addition to that Bankleer told about their current projects THE COMING and Blackblock, which they will work on during their stay in Århus.

The following is bankleers plans about their residency programme in Århus


Based on political Actions, Performances, docu-fictional Videos and the techniques of Expanded Cinema, we produce films, installations, posters and exhibitions on the subject of economic critic. Through contextualized artistic interventions, we try to create awareness of the growing influence of economic processes on public life. We have consistently worked the parallel between economic, political and media structures and participation performances as a way to engage the 'body' in social critique. We integrate humour and empathy into the often heavy-handed and conceptually handicapped discourse of political art.


During our residence we like to put forth at the paradox of "forthcoming" future, which is not presentable in the presence but anyhow taking place here and now. We endorse therefore our research in corporately groups which develops there own forms of participation and dislocate the line between in- and exclusion. Activists' practices are extremely important for this context, to contaminate broader regions of the society with the request for antagonism and radical democracy. Therefore we quest for self organised collectives or societies existing invisibly obverse the mainstream. In particular we are interest in activist practice for visualizing their own content, request and aims.

A first step would be a  "blackblock", we like to perform together with local activist groups and musicians as a contribution for the 1. May -Procession in Aarhus. The marsh should be open for everybody, hoping to create an emancipated musical cacophony. Therefore we are looking for activists, brass bands, rappers and amenable experimental musicians, who like to join us!

We are available via rum46.

In a first step we research and contact current existing communities, which are found on a shared progressive commitment. We will visite significant groups in a second step, document there activities and interview several persons. In particular we are interested in there activist practice and forms of self-governance.

For the third step we develope together with one of the collectives an performative method along an radical-democracy request. We hope to generate a "creative tension" that got lost in our liberal-democracy matrix to depict a heterogenous, many-voiced, self dependent alternative.

A link is our funeral procession called "sadblockbrassband" we performed  together with local activist groups and the Bergkapelle Oberdorf/Bärnbach in the context of the "Steirischer Herbst" in Graz 2006. In the run-up a roadmap with the route and information about the funeral marsh, leading to the mournful and most forgotten locations in Graz, was published in the local media and handed out to passers-by during the procession. The marsh was open for everybody and worked as an invoke for a collective mourning about lost alternatives, wishes and requests. A emancipated musical cacophony gushed three houres through Graz hallmarking locations and departments in line with a collapse of an utopia or a place of current exclusion.

bankleer, 2008


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