Teoretisk Tirsdage # 44 The Alien Hand of the Technosphere
20 Dec, 2016 -
Introduktion: Anders Visti

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The Alien Hand of the Technosphere
November 20, 2016
19:00 – 21:00
Introduktion: Anders Visti

How to define trauma? Which models of trauma are unconsciously employed when we record the violence of man against man or the catastrophes triggered by the planetary technosphere against nature? How to explain the often traumatic event of the social implantation of new technologies? Is there an Object, maybe a technical Object, which may illuminate our idea of trauma and its psychic structure, rather than narrating one of its historical incidents? Can trauma really be represented by a concrete object, or rather always indicated by a broken object, an amputated body, an invisible wound, a missing dear friend, an abstract process in absentia?

More importantly, will we ever be able to see trauma beyond the ideas of lack, amputation, and victimization, and to frame it as positive and pre-emptive endeavor? We could start from these questions and wonder to what degree psychic and technological traumas are a healing process, whose nature is that of being a fragment of a failed unity and the figure of a complex assemblage yet to be.



Matteo Pasquinelli, The Alien hand of the Technosphere, Technosphere Magazine, November 2016.


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