GROUND WORK-talk, projektpræsentation og tekstudgivelse
30 Mar, 2017 -
21 Apr, 2017
Signe Meisner Christensen og Grete Aagaard
talk, projektpræsentation og tekstudgivelse

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talk, projektpræsentation og tekstudgivelse

Torsdag d. 30. marts kl. 16.30

Studsgade 46
DK 8000 Aarhus C


Midlertidige institutioner - om at arbejde radikalt med kunst
Signe Meisner

Provisional Instituting
In this presentation Signe Meisner will discuss how provisional instituting as a curatorial practice may enable new radical forms of art institutions. She will focus on a recent art program at Kunsthal C in Stockholm which has explored not only what it means to be an institution, but also new ways of rearranging relations between artistic work, curatorial agency, collective production and social ressources.

Signe Meisner Christensen is a postdoctoral researcher at Zürich Hochschule der Künste and Aarhus University. Her research field spans across practice based curatorial research, art theory and political theory.

Artist talk and project presentation:
Nowy Port Żyje -  en lokal avis
Neighbourhood Remarks / Grete Aagaard

Nowy Port Żyje -  a local newspaper
Grete Aagaard will give a presentation of her art practice with a specific focus on the long term collaborative and participatory project Neighbourhood Remarks - Nowy Port Zyje initiated in 2014. Together with a group of people from a district of Gdansk PL Grete Aagaard has been investigating the urban space for possibilities for common productions. It all started out with an open meeting at a local cafe in march 2014. The meeting were followed up by many discussions, walks around the district, vibrant meetings around the coffee table with pen and paper in hand. An immensity of ideas, problems, issues, areas waiting to be noticed and elaborated on were shaped. Could a platform that would generate local interest and provoke discussion be created? Today they have released 3 issues of Nowy Port Zyje - a local newspaper that aim to highlight, define and redefine overseen places, visions, stories, interests and retellings.

he project is realized in collaboration between LAZNIA Art Center, Gdansk, the local group Społecznie Niebezpieczni and visual  artist Grete Aagaard/Neighbourhood Remarks.

Vi præsenterer efterfølgende projektet i rum46s åbningstid:
onsdag - fredag kl. 13. - 18. indtil d. 21. april 2017


Text release:                    
Crossbenching as a form of institutional polity

A text by Marcus Miessen (D) will briefly be presented by Agnieszka Wolodszko. Crossbenching as a form of institutional polity will be the first published text production in the Groundwork texts series.

Marcus Miessen has published a number of critical text concerning the concept of participation  eg The Nightmare of Participation, Waking Up From The Nightmare of Participation.


These talks are a part of GROUND WORK - a series of talks, texts and visual presentations on participation, urbanity, alternative economies in January - May 2017 in rum46.

GROUNDWORK is a collaboration between Sigrids Stue, Trade Test Site, rum46 and the polish artist and curator Agnieszka Wolodszko as co-curator and co-organizer.


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