ROOM FOR IMPROVED FUTURES Sites of becoming? 2/2
08 Nov, 2018 -
07 Dec, 2018
Alvetina Kakhidze (UE), Zeenath Hasan (S/DK) og Carl Fraser (UK)
Perfromance, Talk, udstilling

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Sites of Becoming? #2/2

med deltagelse af Alvetina Kakhidze (UE), Zeenath Hasan (S/DK) og Carl Fraser (UK)
Denne sidste del af Sites of Becoming markerer slutningen af vores toårige projekt Room for Improved Futures. Torsdag d. 8. november omhandler fremtidens haver, offentlige rum og syprojekter i symbiotisk bakteriekultur. Aftenen vil pege ud i fremtiden med en fernisering af Alevtina Kakhidze, en talk af Carl Fraser og en performance af Zeenath Hasan.

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Torsdag d. 6. november kl. 16.30

Udstilling: 9.11.-8.12 2018
Åben onsdag til fredag kl. 13-17

This second part of Sites of Becoming marks the ending of our two-year long project Room for Improved Futures. Thursday the 8th will revolve around future gardens, public spaces and SCOBY sewing projects.The evening will feature an exhibition opening on the 8th of November 16.30 by Alevtina Kakhidze, a talk by Carl Frazer and a performance by Zeenath Hasan.

Talk og exhibition by Alvetina Kakhidze
During her artist’s presentation Alevtina will talk about her project “Future Gardens”. Before the war in Ukraine started, she had been working on the idea of adult gardens. A garden where the gardener has less control. On a background of 4-years armed conflict she observes coexistence of plants freed from the gardener’s intervention: their active and passive strategies in contact with pathogens. These observations bring hope for the human future without wars. In her project Alevtina gives some notes and designs for gardeners with universal character.

Performance by Zeenath Hasan Stitching with SCOBY. The microbe, as a figure in the laboratory, kitchen and factory, involves processes of care that are relational and interdependent. Becoming with more than human things as instruments of knowledge production is a way of knowing. Taking point in Puig de la Bellacasa's (2017) matters of care, we are 'being touched by what we touch'. Stitching with a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) we will write stories to intervene into materialities and agencies of the Capitaloscene.

Talk by Carl Fraser
In his talk, Carl Fraser will look at the commonalities between the disparate practices of "Direct action" and building "high st. communities". He will use case study examples from London, where both ambitions are facilitated by public(ly accessible) spaces and citizen appropriation of these spaces as an act of agency. In his opinion, there can be an underdeveloped potential to share tactical approaches to achieve desirable social, political and economic outcomes for citizens.

Zeenath Hasan is senior lecturer at the Design Department, Linnaeus University. Hasan is interested in mapping worlds known and unknown. Her transdisciplinary practice performs integrations of diverse agencies to study the societal implications of emergent processes. Through radical pedagogy, citizen based initiatives and performative talks, Hasan explores inclusive proposals for public doings with a keen focus on the temporality and materiality of food systems.

Carl Fracer: (UK) is an architectural researcher whose work explores the cultural and social development of alternative practices in their relations to our understanding of urban spaces of cultural exchange. His work identifies patterns of social, political and economic behavior in London, and extrapolates these constructs to theorise on their relations to other cities and neoliberal environments. He has taught and lectured in architecture in Central st. Martins, London Metropolitan University, Coventry University, Kingston University, Oxford Brookers and the University of Sheffield.

Alvetina Kakhidze: (UE). Born in Zhdanivka in 1973, studied as an artist in Kiev (1996-2004) and Maastricht (2004-2005). She moved to the village Muzychi in 2007, where she lives and works now. She is the winner of the Kazimir Malevich Artist Award in 2008, First prize winner of the Competition for Young Curators and Artists, Kiev, Center for Contemporary Art at NaUKMA in 2002. Kakhidze is a co-founder of a private residency for international artists in the village Muzychi and online publication about art www.kram.in.ua.

About Room for Improved Futures:
Room for Improved Futures is the title of a two year exhibition program based on an international network. The project is initiated by rum46 - curated and organized by curator Agnieszka Wolodzko and visual artist Grete Aagaard in collaboration with the art projects and platforms Trade Test Site, Sigrids Stue, Imaginary Republik and CCS Centre for Contemporary Art Kiev*.  In Room for Improved Futures we invite a diverse group of practitioners, artists, writers and theorists who will address issues on democracy, urbanity, participation, community and hidden economies. The project is organized in 4 public programs each divided in 2- 3 sessions which each will include artists’ talks and presentations, exhibitions, lectures, texts and workshops.


Room for Improved Futures
Link til rum46's 2-årige samarbejdsprojekt 2018-2019